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What's New

The Private Treaty Department is Open    


Harmers International, Inc. re-opens the Private Treaty Department after a 15 year hiatus.  The Private Treaty allows customers to purchase interesting philatelic items from our clientele outside the normal auction venue.  The Private Treaty offerings are similar to today’s “on-line consignment stores” where Harmers acts as an agent for both the seller and the buyer.  All of our familiar Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to these offerings, but unlike a traditional auction purchase, we will not charge an additional “Buyers Premium”.   

    Like traditional auction items, time to purchase these items is limited.  We will post the Private Treaty offerings on the 15th of each month (a bit earlier for Valentine’s Day) and the items will be removed on the 14th of each month.  Once the items are removed from the site they may never be offered again. 

             If you see something of interest, you need to act, or the opportunity may pass you by. 

   Clients wishing to consign to our Private Treaty Department should contact us.







Current News

Harmers on the Move


While we are always willing to make arrangements to view collections, we have the following trips planned:

March 27 and 28th – NYC for the ASDA show

March 29-30 – Maine

April 11-13 – Garfield Perry Show, Cleveland Ohio

May 30-June 1  - Halifax, Nova Scotia

June 15-20 - APS Bellefonte, PA

August 21-24 -  APS Hartford CT show (Booth Holder)

Oct. 23-26 – NYC for the APS Show

We have several other trips penciled in, so feel free to call – we would love to see you.




Recent Events

Consignments are arriving for our Next Auction in Spring/Summer 2014

                    Mr. Keith Harmer has begun accepting consignments for his next Auction.  Early consignments are particularly encouraged for large or complex collections.  Please contact our offices at 212.532.3700  for more information or to schedule an appointment.   If you are in Europe - contact our London Office at (01144) 020 79893700 we will be happy to assist.  Please note that meetings at our London Office are by appointment only.





A Cornerstone of Philately

      Generations of the Harmer family have served philatelist since 1884. In 1917, Henry Revell Harmer, the grandfather of Harmers International, Inc.'s current president, Keith A. Harmer, commenced the famous Bond Street Auctions in London. The Harmer family established a branch office in New York during the 1930's and in 1946 H.R.'s youngest son, Bernard D. Harmer established permanent residence in the United States to run the New York office. Keith A. Harmer assumed the helm of the family business in the 1980's and has been involved in philately all of his life.

Back in New York and London

     The firm bearing his grandfather’s name was sold in 2004, and while Keith remained active in philately, tutoring young Brandon on some of the finer points of collecting, the New York auction market was not quite the same.


     With the continual encouragement of his former clients, who missed the presence of a Harmer family business in New York, Keith decided to re-enter the philatelic auction market.


     Subsequently in 2013 Keith acquiesced to his British clients that the venerable firm of H.R. Harmer, Ltd. should be revitalized. In March H.R. Harmer, Ltd. was reborn at 100 Pall Mall Street in London.

Harmers International, Inc.

      Harmers International, Inc. was a name the family considered using in the 1980's and seemed quite suitable for today’s global economy. We have retained many of the  Harmer family traditions clients have come to know, while adding new technologies for the convenience of our customers.


      All of our auctions, and viewing will be held in a convenient New York City location. Our administrative offices are located in Westchester county, easily accessible by automobile or rail. This arrangement allows us reduce cost and offer greater service to our clients.


      We can easily meet with clients in their home, office, in New York City or London.  


Traditional Service

     Clients can expect the traditional personal service for which the Harmer family is known. Our live auctions are entertaining and conducted in the traditional Harmer style. Our advise is generally free and we are always there to help.

New Service

     Clients will see new services designed to make the auction experience more convenient and more efficient. In addition to live internet bidding, we offer tel-con bidding and all of the other more traditional bidding methods.


     We will be rolling-out a continuous internet auction forum, for moderate priced stamps, and a classified section for club and philatelic announcements.



     Sellers are offered many more options and services carefully designed to address many of the normal concerns we have heard over the years; such as difficulties with multiple owners, and the desire of clients to honor the collection's creator. We are confident that are Seller's Services and Options will not disappoint.


      Give Back to the Hobby. As part of our continued efforts to encourage new philatelists and support philatelic clubs and groups, Harmers will be introducing a host of free community services which groups and clubs are welcome to avail themselves to. Two of the most exciting programs are the virtual meeting room, which allows presentations to be remote access and recorded in a video library for future reference. The other is our virtual collection gallery, where collectors can share their philatelic collections. These services and many others are in currently in development.

Thank you for your interest

     All of us at Harmers International, Inc.  and H.R. Harmer, Ltd. would like to thank you for your interest in our companies and the services we offer. Please peruse our site and feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs or interests.