Harmers offers useful services, Buyers, to help them build or research or organize their Philatelic pursuits.

Buyer's Agent

Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent

Generally, Harmers International recommends the use of auction agents, but in special circumstances, or for special clients, Harmers will execute your bids in our competitor’s auctions.

For special clients, Harmers International will use its decades of experience to advice upon auction material, execute bids, or coordinate the efforts of several auction agents.

Typically these services are used by high net-worth clients or very specialized collectors.

We will be happy to discuss your situation to develop acquisition strategies and help determine if these services are right for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our service.

Negatiated Purchase

Buying Negotiations

Buying Negotiations

Put our decades of experience to work for you when purchasing large, complex, or valuable properties. The Harmers have been involved with some of the most valuable and complex philatelic transactions. Complex, multiple party purchases are often very difficult for the purchaser to self negotiate, as a trusted third party, Harmers is often able to pull all parties together for a mutually beneficial transaction.

Why Use Harmers

Harmers can help you negotiate the sales price and conditions of sale for items you are interested in. We can assist with authentication of the items, terms and delivery of the item.

By using Harmers, a purchaser can maintain their anonymity. Under certain situations and with certain buyers a better price on an item can be found if the true identity of the buyer is not known to the seller.

Some complex, multi-party transactions require a trusted, third-party to coordinate the needs of multiple buyers and sellers. For decades Harmers has filled this role, bringing diverse parties together with as much speed or patients as the situation demands.

Put our integrity and creativity to work for you by contacting us by telephone or e-mail.

Collection Consultations

Collector Consultations

Collector Consultations

We are here to answer your questions, provide our opinion or offer our advice to any of our current and potential clients.

General Philatelic Questions
Harmers International, Inc. will be happy to answer general questions about philately, direct clients to clubs, or other resources or to help you develop a direction for your collecting interests.

Over the next months, we will be adding new articles and resources to our site to help increase your knowledge of philately and to provide a resource guide for those to whom philately is a hobby and not a profession.

About your Collection
Harmers would be happy to review your collection and offer ideas, opinions and suggestions. A collector can find our decades of experience helpful or just entertaining.


About Market Value
We will be happy to share our opinion of market values of trends. The “grading” of stamps has brought a new breed of investors into the philatelic market. Harmers International, Inc. is a philatelic firm; we are not investment consultants. We do not endorse the “grading” of stamps, nor do we feel stamps should be used as investment vehicles.

We will be glad to discuss our experience and share what material tends to hold its value.

Philately offers many different and often personal directions for selecting materials to collect. We have found the enjoyment and satisfaction a collection realizes from his or her collection is not quantifiable in monetary terms.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.