Cape of Good Hope Combination Cover to the United States: 1865 (12 Mar.)

Cover to the United States: 1865 (12 Mar.) single rate cover from the Howland correspondence from Port Elizabeth to Boston bearing 4d steel blue, two copies mostly with just clear to large margins in combination with 1864-77 1s green

(some trimmed perfs.), all three attractively cancelled by barred oval “2” handstamps (one 4d additionally tied by Port Elizabeth c.d.s.). Cover is endorsed “Per Steamer from Cape Town Via England” and bears Cape Town and London transits of 15 March and 27 April with Boston British Packet receiver of 3 May, red crayon “16” (16c credit to England) with 5c inland postage due from the recipient, with all markings being on the front, cover is a little fragile (certificate calls it “splitting in places).” Extremely Rare. (SG 19c, 26a) Peter Holcombe Cert. (1985)                                  Est. Cash Val $5,000 – 7,500                                                                           The ½ oz. 1s 8d, Packet rate to America was introduced in 1864.