Harmers International offers many different opportunities for buyers to view the items we are offering in a given public auction. We do our best to accurately describe and photograph our items, but buyers are responsible for inspecting items based upon their judgment criteria. We offer many different opportunities to view our items; the most traditional method is public viewing days.
Arrange a private zoom session to review lots. Call us at 914.962.6900 or email to arrange.
Let our staff be your eyes and answer your questions. Call us at 914.962.6900 or email to arrange.
Early birds have an advantage when viewing by mail. Harmers International allows viewing by mail up to ten days before a scheduled auction. Contact us at to arrange
View the lots in our sale on your schedule. Contact us at 914.962.6900 or info@HarmersInternational to arrange a time that suits you.
Harmer holds public viewing days 2-3 days before the auction and allows viewing on the auction day until the sale. All lots will be available for inspection. Check the catalogue for the Days and times scheduled