ABOUT 01 Viewing Days


Public viewing allows bidders to inspect the items being offered for sale by auction personally.  Some jurisdictions require auction houses to provide viewing; other jurisdictions are silent.  Inspection allows bidders to evaluate the items for themselves to determine the amount they are willing to bid.

Harmers International, Inc. stand behind our lot descriptions and viewers can return items if they are not as described.  Large lots and lots sold “as is” are only returnable.  In most cases, the photos of the lots are sufficient, but the bidder may want to examine the lots.

Viewing Days are times scheduled before an auction where the public can view the items without an appointment.

Success Factors

  • Allow enough time to view.
  • Contact the Agent as early as possible.
  • Bring your own tongs and dip tray if you prefer.
  • Do not be afraid to look at other lots.


  • Viewing when you should be bidding.

Harmers understands the inconvenience created when auction houses require bidders to arrive a day or two before the auction just to look at a hand full of items. For this reason, Harmers makes every attempt to offer same-day viewing concurrent to the auction.

We list dates and times for Public Viewing Days and  “day of the auction” in our catalogue.  If the schedule does not work, please make an appointment to view. Otherwise, potential bidders should make viewing arrangements prior to the auction date. We try to accommodate all of our bidders.

Our clients love our day of the sale viewing policy – we care about our buyers time constraints.

What to Expect

We mak ask bidders to pre-register depending upon COVID restrictions.  Potential bidders can personally show up at the designated dates or send a representative.  Harmers provides tongs, dip trays, loops and Scott Catalogues.  Viewers are welcome to bring their own equipment.

Once you arrive, you will go to the viewing area.  An attendant(s) will be there to assist you.  The attendant will ask for the viewer’s name and contact information.  Viewers will ask the attendant for the lot and may be requested to use a notepad; viewers should provide the lots of interest.

The attendant will bring the lot, and viewers will look at the items.  If you have any questions or comments about the lot, we will be available to assist.

Strenths and Weaknesses