ABOUT 03 Mail Viewing


Postal viewing or Viewing by Mail is a process where we send clients the lots they want to view, and the lots are returned to Harmers.

Success Factors

  • Allow enough time to view and return the lots.
  • Read the descriptions for the lots before requesting them.


  • Using an incorrect address.
  • Procrastination.

Postal Viewing or Mail Bidding is a traditional way to view lots without personally attending the viewing. Today’s technologies make postal viewing a bit cumbersome.  Harmers need to package and ensure the items, and the viewer needs to do the same on the return.  Postal Viewing can be very costly with today’s costs to reliably ship.  The risk of loss is also a consideration.  We have done mail viewing for decades and will be happy to support our clients.

Let the lots come to you.

What to Expect

We will send the requested lots to a potential bidder via the appropriate shipping for inspection.  We send a return label with the shipment.  Potential bidders can view the lot for up to two business days and then return them to us. This saves on a bidder’s time and is often less costly than travelling to view the items personally.

We have a few important conditions for Postal Viewing


  1. Large lots and extremely valuable lots are generally not available for postal viewing.
  2. All postal viewing and viewers must be approved by Harmers, and we have the right to deny a postal viewing request for any reason.
  3. We have the right to request security deposits.
  4. Postal viewers are responsible for the lots whilst it is in their possession; Harmers insurance covers the lots whilst it is in transit only. Your insurance must protect the items while they are in the viewer’s custody.
  5. If the Lot is lost or damaged whilst in the viewer’s possession, the viewer is responsible for paying the full market value of the Item plus the buyers commission.
  6. When returning the items, you must personally deliver them to an authorised carrier and obtain a signed receipt. Do Not Leave the Item in a Drop Box or general mail pick-up.
  7. All lots must be returned to Harmers 10 days prior to the auction or within two days of receipt, whichever comes first. Items not returned within seven days before the auction will be subject to the terms in item 5.
  8. Postal viewers are responsible for postage both ways and transit insurance.

A tracking number and delivery receipt must be obtained and sent to us via fax or email.  The mail system has lost some reliability since COVID.

Strenths and Weaknesses