Ways to Bid

Hamers International, Inc. offers several ways to bid
At Harmers, we endorse and support the use of Auction Agents. The following Agents accept clients for our sales: John Beddows, Trevor Chinery, Charles E. Cwiakala, Jochen Heddergott, Frank Mandel, Nick Martin, Jean-Claude Michaud, Purser & Associates.
Bidding by zoom has several options depending on the number of bidders. Zoom is excellent for private auctions and can be used successfully for reverse auctions, and zoom can also be used to monitor our live auctions. Links for Zoom bids are custom.
Yes, you can text your bids to #914.643.2821.
Send your bids via Email – Can it be easier? Bids@HarmersInternational.com
We will accept your bids by fax – if you still use one. Please fax your bids to 914.962.5885 in the United States. We will confirm all faxed bids, and if we do not confirm, please re-send.
Support the Post Office or Local Carrier by mailing your bids to Harmers International, Inc., 1325 Echo Hil Path, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598.
A quick and efficient way to auction to a limited audience.
We are a traditional firm and welcome traditional telephone bids in our auction. Please call our office as early as possible at: #212.532.3700 or 914.962.6900 or (01144) 020 7989 3700 to reserve an attendant for the auction.
Harmers offers live online bidding. Internet bidding is convenient and effective. Harmers International uses the Stamp Auction Network (SAN) platform. www.Stampauctionnetwork.com
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