Harmers International offers a very liberal Extension policy. Payment is not expected for items placed on extension until the item is returned from the expert with a certificate stating the item is as described.


In an auction, a Bidder’s agreement to buy an item is finalized when the auctioneer hammers the lot down. An Extension is a request by the Bidder to make the sale conditional based upon the review of an “expert”.

Harmers International, Inc. takes great efforts to accurately describe all of the materials in its sale, but our buyers do not have to accept our judgment. Our buyers have the right to send items purchased in our sales to a “recognized expert” for a certificate of authenticity – Best of all, a client does not have to pay for the item until the item is reviewed and confirmed by the expert!

For decades buyers have trusted Harmers because we stand behind the material we offer. We allow any buyer the opportunity to send an item to an expert, recognized by Harmers, for an “expert opinion”. The buyer does not have to pay for the item until it is certified; in effect extending the time payment is required. Details regarding expertising are contained in our Conditions of Sale.

Requests for expertising MUST be made within 7 days of the auction. Most buyers know at the time of purchase that they wish to have an expert certify the item because they have viewed the item prior to the auction. We understand that sometimes a buyer has thoughts after winning a bid, which is why we allow a buyer seven days to request an extension.

Harmers MUST recognize the individual or organization to which a buyer wishes to send an item as an “expert”. This is generally not an issue for experienced philatelists, but there are many experts with even more speciality groups. If a potential buyer should confirm their choice of “expert” with us prior to purchase.

  • Harmers will submit the item for authenticity to the expert.
  • The buyer is responsible for all shipping and transport fees to and from the expert.
  • If the item is certified “as it was described by us”, the Buyer is responsible for the cost of the certificate.
  • If the item is certified as “other than described” by the expert, the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs, but not the cost of the certificate. The certificate becomes the property of the seller.


There are a few items that are not eligible for expertising. These include the following:

  • Items that have a current certificate (less than 5 years old) from a recognized authority, unless arrangements have been made with Harmers in advance of the sale.
  • Expertising for “grading purposes only”
  • Expertising for single lots with more than 10 items.

Please review our Conditions of Sale for information regarding returns.

Bid with confidence.


  • Security that the item is as described.


  • Some experts can take 8 to 12 months to examine the item.