ABOUT Special Requests


Special Requests allow the auction house or dealer to actively search the market for the items you want.


  • Leverage the Auction house's network.
  • Less work for the Buyer
  • Very effective.


  • Typically requireds a fee.
  • Offered the same items by multiple dealers.
  • Requires a relationship.

Harmers can help you locate elusive items. As professional philatelists, we are aware of much of the material available both publicly and privately.

The Difference Between Special Request and Want Lists

A client uses our Want List when they would like to be notified of items as they become available to us through auction consignments or private treaty. We take a more proactive approach and seek sources outside the materials consigned to us.

Special Requests

We actively scan competitors’ auctions for your item. If appropriate, we will use our decades of sales knowledge to directly contact current owners of the material sought and make an offer to purchase the material on behalf of our Special Request clients. Typically, Special Request items are high end or historically significant items. These items require the attention of one of our senior-level associates.


Our typical Special Request fee is between 15% – 35% of the item’s sale price depending upon the effort required to locate the item and our involvement in securing the property.

If you would like more information, please contact Mr. Keith Harmer directly at keith@harmersinternational.com.

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