ABOUT Select Marketing

What is Select Marketing?

Select Marketing is a completely customized program offered by Harmers, which reaches out to buyers in multiple markets. The areas may be complementary, such as postal history and manuscripts, or the areas may be distinct, such as antique furniture and stamps. Harmers has relationships with many different specialists who have similar values. This approach offers a unification and continuity in estate planning and liquidation.

Why Harmers?

Harmers International, Inc. offers a Select Marketing Program to manage large or diverse estates. We understand how difficult identifying companies with similar values in the non-philatelic areas may be. We will use our relationships with firms in other non-philatelic areas to assist you. We will work, in conjunction with other speciality firms to develop a marketing and liquidation strategy that addresses large or multi-faceted estates or materials. These efforts are completely dependent upon the unique mix of materials. We may, for example, team with a numismatic company to have a single sale of both coins and stamps.

This approach may also be used in unique collections whose collector interest transcends the typical philatelist. The Pony Express collection is a perfect example, where Harmers reach out to collectors of Western History, the named corporations and museums.

Harmers is uniquely qualified to handle a variety of materials providing a unified approach and a single focal point. This approach is extremely useful in the execution of estate planning strategy and post-sale documentation.