ABOUT Sandra Ilene West


Sandra West  (Jan. 2, 1939-March 10,1977) was a Beverly Hills socialite.  She was married to the Texas oil tycoon, Ike West (Aug 29, 1934-January 1968)who died in 1968 leaving Sandra with over 5 million dollars.

When she died in 1977 due to a drug overdose, presumably stemming from a prior automobile accident, her will stated that she should be buried inside her Ferrari  “with the seat slanted comfortably.”

When she died, her body and her Ferrari were flown to Texas, she was dressed in a white negligee set in the car.  The car was placed in a crate and the crate was placed in the ground.

Her stamps, actually, the collection that belonged to her husband’s father were sold by the Harmer family.  The collection was German, Baravria and Saar sold in two parts in 1980 brought about $2.3 million dollars (that is $7.7 million dollars today).