ABOUT Resist the Pressure

We have seen this many times before.

The story is always the same; a novice collector or an heir of a collector calls a stamp person to sell or value the collection.  The stamp person and the novice meet, sometimes at the home of the novice.  The stamp person goes through the material and says that it is “really not marketable” or there is not much there ….

and then the BUT comes ...

“BUT”, the stamp person says, I will take it off your hands for $X.  I am here, I made the trip out to see you, and I will help you out.

The novice tries to resist ......

The novice tries to resist by saying that they would like to get another opinion.  Sometimes they try to say someone else needs to be involved in the decision. The stamp person persists, and nine times out of ten wears the novice down.

How can you protect yourself?

Either deal with someone you trust and always get another opinion.  You can get a very rough idea through photographs and a quick phone call.   At least you will know if the offer you are given is “ballpark”.


The reality is that people in the stamp trade, need to make a living.  This can not be done unless they purchase your collection for less than the amount they can sell it for.  The profit rate should be fair and a seller should not be taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge.

At Harmers

Our opinion on the worth of your collection does not come with strings.  If we make you an offer to purchase, you are under no pressure to accept.  We prefer to auction materials because the market will set the price and there is total transparency with the transaction.  If a client would like to sell, and we are not the best firm for the items, we will recommend dealers who specialize in the type of material offered.  We have also helped collectors research their own collections.  When they believe that they have found a stamp of value, they consult with us and we guild the collector through the process.

The choice is yours ….. educate yourself about the material you have.