ABOUT Public Promotion


Some items are so historically significant or a consignor is so important that a cross hobby approach would bring a diverse group of bidders.  Harmers always does reach out to other groups for items of interest, but some items benefit from a concentrated effort.  Our Public Promotion Program will generate the attention your sale deserves.

Significant Items and Foundations

For larger, more historically significant material, Harmers will act as a public relations firm to prepare press releases and promotions outside the philatelic market to the general public and news outlets. This approach is typical when selling the material at auction; however, it has been used strategically several years prior to the sale of the material or promoting the collections of private foundations.

The fee charged for this service varied greatly depending upon the client’s needs. Often times this service is offered free of charge with a long term sales agreement.

Modest Collectors

Collectors with smaller collections are welcome to browse or classified sections for individuals who are looking for similar items. – There is no charge to look.