ABOUT Payment Advances


An advance payment is when a company provides you with funds prior to the auction in anticipation of the auction results. Once the auction occurs, the advance funds are deducted from the price your collection realizes. If realization is less than the advance, the client must repay the difference.

Typical Service

Many companies offer clients Payment Advances and Guaranteed Minimum, as a form of enticement. The reality is that these “enticements” are a cost to the company and a company’s continued existence must be made up somewhere in the businesses operations. Harmers International offers excellent service and low overheads. We have a reputation for our no-nonsense business practices and concern for our clients.

Advance Payments at Harmers

At our digression, for special properties, we will offer competitive cash advances against the sale of your merchandise.

Generally we find our prompt payments meet the majority of our clients needs, but if a payment advance is a concern to you, contact us and we will discuss your needs.