ABOUT Online Auctions


Closest Thing to a Live Auction – Warning e-Harmers is Not Like Ebay!

One of the major differences between e-Harmers and most internet auction sites, like eBay, is the auction format. In most sites, the auction ends at a scheduled time.  An E-Harmers auction continues until bidding is inactive for 2 minutes.  We feel that this best simulates a live auction.

All of Harmer’s sellers MUST be approved by Harmers and agree to Harmer’s Individual Sellers Guidelines, which include escrow payments and terms similar to our live auction conditions of sale.

Our internet auction service is backed by Harmer’s integrity.


We offer on-line auctions as a service to our customers both the buyers and the sellers. The services we provide are beyond that of normal auction sites.

  • Our fees are borne solely by the seller.
  • We do not charge a registration fee for our bidders but all bidders are subject to approval by Harmers and all items MUST be paid for BEFORE they are shipped unless escrow arrangements are made.
  • Most of the higher value items have certificates from generally recognized experts.
  •  If the item you are interested in is sold without a certificate, or you would like a certificate from a different Harmer Approved expert, all fees, including shipping will be the buyer’s responsibility unless the item is certified as “other than described’ by the expert. A complete listing of the Conditions of Sale for Internet auctions will describe the Buyer’s responsibility.

Security for buyers

Unlike traditional internet sights which permit anyone to list items, all Harmer’s sellers are screened.

Sellers MUST accept returns and pay the certification fee for any item they sell that is determined to be other than described by a Harmers approved expert.

This policy allows our buyers to bid with confidence.

More information coming soon.