ABOUT Identity Confidentiality

Protecting your identity

We are old school at Harmers International, Inc., we firmly believe that your business is your own.

There are only two circumstances under which we will release your information, the first is with your permission and the second is with legal compulsion.

We consider your information, information about your collection and your account privileged. We will not share your specific information with anyone, even your spouse, without your permission.

For some of our clients bidding in a public auction presents a dilemma. Harmers can help you maintain your anonymity. Our traditional bidding signals allow for discrete communications to the auctioneer. Clients who required greater protection will benefit from our decades of experience and variety of bidding methods.

Clients who wish to pay using their credit card, but are concerned with providing their credit card directly to a vendor, can for an additional fee, pay using PayPal. This provides the buyer with the security of Paypal. PayPal acts as a secure paying agent allowing a buyer to pay a seller without releasing their credit card information directly to the seller.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your privacy or your security.