ABOUT H.R. Harmer (1869-1966)

Henry Revell Harmer (HR to most) was born in London England and began collecting stamps as a young boy. He trained to be a chemist but eventually left for a full-time career as a stamp dealer.

Henry began supporting his family as a philatelist in 1884.  He owned several different auction firms before founding H.R. Harmer on Bond Street, London in 1918. Harmers was considered the world’s largest auction philatelic house and served most of the renowned philatelists of the era.

He was an expert in the philately of Venezuela and signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1948.

After his death, sons, Cyril and Bernard, continued with the firm.

For a more detailed account of his life see Joan’s article in the American Philatelic Society magazine.