ABOUT Bid Submission


Please contact us to arrange to bid by phone.  You can call us at:212.532.3700,  email us at info@HarmersInternational.com   or complete the following form.

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    You can also download and complete this form.

    General Information

     1.  Where you want one of several similar lots, bid on all such lots adding an “or” between.

    2.  If you want to limit your purchase, simply insert the amount on face of bid form.  When limit is reached subsequent bids will be deleted.

    3.  Postal viewing.  See Conditions of Sale.

    4.  Valuations of lots in which clients are interested will be supplied on receipt of a stamped, addressed envelope or card.

    5.   “Buy” bids are respectfully declined to prevent misunderstandings.  Instead, please give your maximum bid and we will, as always, endeavour to save you as much as competitive bidding will permit.

    6.  While every care and attention is taken in executing written bids, the Auctioneer shall not be liable for errors and omissions be those of the bidder or those of the Auctioneer.

    New Bidders

    If you are not a recognized Harmers International, Inc. bidder, please complete our New Bidder Registration Form. You will be requested to submit three auction house / dealer credit references or may be asked to submit a deposit.
    – Thank you