ABOUT Private Treaty

What are Private Treaty Sales?

Private treaty sales are direct sales that occur through conferences between buyers and sellers.

What is the difference between a Private Treaty Sale and an Auction?

Private Treaty sales focus the sale effort on Harmer customers known to have an affinity for the particular material. The price of the material in a Private Treaty Sales is established by the seller. In an auction, market conditions establish the price. Private Treaty sales can, on most occasions, provide a settlement check quicker than when the material is sold through auction.

At Harmers, we are ever alert to the special needs of its clients, and we maintain a superior service, when warranted, for the direct sales of stamps. Harmers is in constant contact with collectors and dealers throughout the world, many of whom have standing offers for a wide variety of material they desire.

Buyers are readily available for important single rarities and general specialized collections. The price asked is determined by a Harmer appraisal and the vendor’s approval of that figure.

Harmers is uniquely qualified to handle a variety of materials providing a unified approach and a single focal point. This approach is extremely useful in the execution of estate planning strategy and post-sale documentation.

Private Treaty Details and Advantages

– Private Treaty Sales can often be finalized in a few weeks.

– Settlement – Check is sent immediately after payment is received from the buyer.

– Private Treaty Commission is typically  5% – 10% to the Seller.  In addition, a commission will be payable by the buyer.

When is Private Treaty Appropriate?

The forum in which one selects to offer material is 70% experience and 30% luck. Harmers considers many factors, including not only the material itself but both the personal needs of the Seller and market conditions as well.

Auctioning material at an inappropriate time may make the material difficult to re-offer. To maximize the returns for our customers, we offer a Private Treaty to Auction plan.

Private Treaty to Auction Plan

Harmers offers a plan where a collection, when suitable, is offered first by Private Treaty for a specified period of time. If unsold, it is then transferred to the Auction Department for sale on a date previously reserved, preventing any delay.