ABOUT Insurance Coverage

You protect your property, you insure your property, but what happens when your items leave your hands?

Harmers International, Inc. offers complete door-to-door insurance coverage for our client’s material. Some firms require their clients to maintain ample insurance coverage on their material even when their material is out of their possession. This may be outside the scope of some policies and would create complications should your material be lost or stolen.

Your material is unquestionably insured, by us, whilst in our possession, for its full market value.

Who insures your material when it is in transit to us?

 – Personally Collected 

Materials being collected personally by a member of our staff are instantly covered when we provide you with a receipt for your collection. Our signed receipt not only confirms that we have your collection but confirms the amount of insurance we are providing for your collection. The amount of initial coverage will be discussed with you and we will agree to a value for the insurance.

– Shipping Material

So long as you follow our simple procedures for shipping your materials to us, our insurance will cover your materials when they are being transported from your home or office to our location. Our procedures are simple

1. Contact us to discuss your material, establish an insured value, agree upon a carrier and obtain a transit confirmation number from us.

2. We will send you instructions on how to document, package and deliver your package to the selected carrier. In many cases, we will even provide you with a pre-paid shipping label.

3. Once the carrier provides us with confirmation the package is in their hands, your material is covered under our policy.


The amount of coverage may increase once we begin working on your material at our location. We will not decrease without your specific consent.

Your material is completely insured by us until it is sold or in the case of appraisals, returned back to you.

Who insures your material once the material is sold?

While in our possession, we insure the material. Pursuant to our terms and conditions of sale, the buyer is responsible for insuring the material once it is released to them. Buyers without their own policy, are required to pay an additional fee for insurance on their purchases whilst in transit to them. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for further details.

Our time tested policies have provided protection and convenience for both our buyers and our sellers.