ABOUT Donations to Your Favorite Charities


Donating your Collection is an alternative to selling your collection.  Typically as a donor, you will receive a tax write-off for your gift.  Donations typically take two forms: Stamp organizations will use the items directly to support their members or non-philatelic groups will sell your collection and use the funds to help their mission.

Donating Your Collection to Children's Groups

Donating your collection can help young people learn and enjoy stamps and postal history.  The process can be confusing under today’s regulations.  If your collection is over a certain amount, you will need an appraisal in addition to a letter from the charity.  There are many wonderful places to donate your stamps to help children.  These include:

The Collectors Club of New York

The American Philatelic Society

Boys and Girls Town

We can help you make a donation to any of these organizations.  They usually take what they need and sell the remainder.  The proceeds will be used to help the children.

Harmers International Inc. can work with your accountant or financial advisor to coordinate your donations and sales to both contribute to worthy charities and to maximize your total tax advantage.

There are times when a greater return can be achieved by donating material rather than selling the material. Individual circumstances vary, and we welcome the opportunity to be on your financial team.

Donating to Non-Philatelic Groups

Some organizations need operational funds more than physical donations.  Harmers can help you achieve your objective to liquidate your stamps and help the organization AND we can help the organization convert your collection to cash using the appropriate mechanism.

We work with you to understand your intentions.  Some clients would like their donation to be used for a specific or dedicated purpose while others are comfortable placing the funds in a general fund.  Harmers will assist in the coordination of the gift.

We will also work with the organization to help them understand the gift, how they might use the gift to help their mission or assist them to sell the donation.

Harmers believes in giving Back to the Hobby.  Many times there is little or no charge for our services to charitable groups.