The auctioneer will start the bidding for a lot at a certain bid amount; that bid amount is the Opening Bid.   The opening bid represents the highest competitive amount we have on the books.  This amount is not the highest bid we have, but the next bidding increment over two competitive bidders.  The high bidder may have a higher left bid, but we do not bring a bidder to their highest bid without another competing bidder.


  • We update Opening Bids frequently as the auction nears.
  • Check for any Corrections to the Catalog.
  • You can still submit a bid lower than the opener.

Watch for

  • Bidding on SAN may increase the openers.
  • Many bids such as SAN left bids and Agent Bids are not included.
  • Openers are a guidline.
  • Seldom will a lot open lower than the opener.


as of 00/00/2022

Opening bids will appear here once available.

A day or two after the sale our office will contact you to arrange delivery.

There is never a charge for this service.