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Closest Thing to a Live Auction – Warning e-Harmers is Not Like Ebay! 



What's New

April 17th  Public Auction in Westchester, NY

     Harmers International, Inc. of  New York will hold their next Public Auction on Saturday, April 17th 2021, at our offices in Yorktown Heights NY.

 The auction will begin at 1pm. 

An fantastic auction of over 500 lots - Highlights include:

·          Many lots of Harmer's famous "Collections & Various"

·         The William Gross Fancy Cancels.

·         Richard Maisel British Guiana .

 ·          The Smith Collection of Foreign

·            Much more.


 Viewing is available at our offices:

 • By Appointment any time observing COVID protocals. 

   Travel from the Croton-Harmon Train Station can be arranged.  

 • By Appointment (call 914.962.6900)










Current News

Harmers on the Move

     Keith Harmer is vaccinated and able to travel or meet you on-line.

 - call 914.962.6900 to arrange a date.


Often to the West Coast Florida - By Appointment

Call 212.532.3700

We are always willing to make arrangements to view your collection at your home or work location



We have several other trips penciled in, so feel free to call – we would love to see you.




Recent Events

Consignments are arriving for our Next Auction - call now

                    Mr. Keith Harmer has begun accepting consignments for his next Auction.  Early consignments are particularly encouraged for large or complex collections.  Please contact our offices at 212.532.3700  for more information or to schedule an appointment.   If you are in Europe - contact our London Office at (01144) 020 79893700 we will be happy to assist.  Please note that meetings at our London Office are by appointment only.

Harmer Family News

  Generations of collectors put their trust in the Harmer Family. 

Brandon Harmer is now an admitted attorney in New York State.

Mauritius Rediscovered by Robert Beech, the Curator of the British Library Philatelic Collections describes the key role the Harmer family played in the famous Post Office Mauritius issue.

Harmers is happy to support Joan Harmer and the British Empire Study Group in their monthly webinars. Visit BEstudygroup.org for a schedule.

Are you a club looking to conduct on line meetings? - Contact us for free assistance.








About Internet Auctions

       Harmers is proud to offer continual online auctions. This allows sellers to quickly list and auction items. While the format and media is similar to what customers are familiar with in the popular auction site Ebay, e-Harmers seeks a “true” auction backed by the Harmer integrity.


e-Harmer Difference

     One of the major differences between e-Harmers and EBay is the auction format. In Ebay the auction ends at a scheduled time. This results in a flurry of bids at the end of the auction where the timing of the bid is more significant than the amount of the bid.

      In an Ebay auction, the bidder willing to pay the highest amount does not necessarily win the lot.

      A Harmer auction will continue as long as bidding is active. An auction scheduled to close at 9pm will be automatically extended until bidding as ceased.

     This means our sellers maximize the price they receive for their item.

Harmer Integrity

      We insist upon the same quality and integrity in our online auctions that we do in our Live Auctions. Buyers have the assurances that the items they buy on line will be as described. Harmers does not allow everyone to sell in our online auctions.

- All individual sellers MUST be approved by Harmers and agree to Harmer���s Individual Sellers Guidelines, which include escrow payments.

-Any material offered by individual sellers MUST have a current certificate of authenticity by a recognized authority.

               o Click here for and individual seller’s application

-Individuals wishing to sell items without certificates can list through a Harmer approved e-lister who will, for a fee, personally inspect, ship and manage your transaction.

              o Click here for a current list of Harmer e-listers

e-Harmers Fees

      We aim for simplicity. We offer on-line auctions as a service to our customers both the buyers and the sellers. The services we provide are beyond that of normal auction sites. Our fee structure is fair and representative of our service; they are constructed to encourage the sale of philatelic material.

e-Harmers Scheduled for release March 30, 2010

More information will be available shortly.