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What's New

July 31st Public Auction in New York City    

     Harmers International, Inc. of  New York will hold their next Public Auction on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, at the Collectors Club in New York City.  The auction will begin at 1pm. 

An eclectic 500-lot worldwide action - Highlights include:

·         The very rare U.S. twentieth century Photographic Essays.

·         U.S. stamps and postal history with 38 lots of the 1847 issue.

·         British & Foreign including:

         The Richard Maisel British America.

        The William Faissler Australia.

        The Artur Lurbs Collection of India and Postal History. 

·          Persia

·            And 41 lots of Harmers' famous Collections and Various.

 Viewing is available at:

 •The Collectors Club in New York City  - July 30th  10am to 6pm 

   The Collectors Club in New York City  - July 31st   10am to end of auction  

 • By Appointment (call 914.962.6900)


  You are welcome to personally attend the auction, held at the Historic Collectors Club, 22 East 35th Street in New York City 10016 or bid on-line through Stamp Auction Network.

                        The Auction begins at 1pm EST









Current News

Harmers on the Move

     Keith Harmer will be attending various New England Stamp Shows

 - call 914.962.6900 to meet with him.


August West Coast Florida - By Appointment

Brandon Harmer is in Chicago call 212.532.3700 or 312.809.8098

We are always willing to make arrangements to view your collection at your home or work location



We have several other trips penciled in, so feel free to call – we would love to see you.




Recent Events

Consignments are arriving for our Next Auction - call now

                    Mr. Keith Harmer has begun accepting consignments for his next Auction.  Early consignments are particularly encouraged for large or complex collections.  Please contact our offices at 212.532.3700  for more information or to schedule an appointment.   If you are in Europe - contact our London Office at (01144) 020 79893700 we will be happy to assist.  Please note that meetings at our London Office are by appointment only.

Harmer Family News

  Generations of collectors put their trust in the Harmer Family. 

Mauritius Rediscovered by Robert Beech, the Curator of the British Library Philatelic Collections describes the key role the Harmer family played in the famous Post Office Mauritius issue.








       Harmers International, Inc. offers our buyers many different methods of payment to make purchasing through us convenient.

 Old Fashion Check

     Most of our clients prefer the control and simplicity of sending a paper check. Payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Often times foreign clients can obtain drafts in US dollars from their bank.

Bank Checks

     These checks are obtained from a client’s bank for a small fee. The bank checks should be in U.S. dollars. Most banks charge a small service fee.

Certified Checks

     Clients with insufficient credit with us or for extremely high balances may be asked to provide us with a certified check. These checks must be in U.S. dollars can be obtained from the purchaser’s bank for a fee.

Postal Money Orders

      Few our clients use postal money orders. These are obtained in the United States from a client’s local post office. These are available in increments up to $1,000, so if a client needs to pay a $3,000 bill, three money orders will be required. The cost per money order in the United States is approximately $1.50 instrument. Information about Money Orders in the United States can be found at the Post Office Website.

      The postal services of other countries typically offer “foreign money orders” which will allow a non-US client to settle their account in U.S. dollars. Please consult your local postal authority for availability and rates.

Cash or Traveler Checks

Harmers International, Inc. does accept cash payments in US. Currency. All cash payments must be made in person

DO NOT MAIL CASH or Traveler Checks.

Credit Cards

      Harmers International, Inc. accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards. An additional fee of 2.9% applies.

 PayPal Payments

     Harmers International, Inc. gladly accepts payments through PayPal, but a 2.9% fee applies for domestic transactions and a 3.9% fee applies for international purchasers. We are working to safely reduce these rates for our customers and hope to have more favorable rates in place for our next auction.

Wire Transfers

      Wire transfers are one of the simplest methods of paying your Harmers invoice. Payments must be sent to our account in U.S. dollars. Many of our customers have established banking relationships that allow them to initiate wire transfers by phone, on-line or in person.

     If your bank is not familiar with international wire transfers, services such as which allow customers to send wire transfers and bank drafts in foreign currencies for a low fee.



 International Currencies

    Harmers International plans to accept ETF in most international currencies.  Making your transactions easy and less expensive than a traditional wire  transfer.  Call for money saving details.