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What's New

July 31st Public Auction in New York City    

     Harmers International, Inc. of  New York will hold their next Public Auction on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, at the Collectors Club in New York City.  The auction will begin at 1pm. 

An eclectic 500-lot worldwide action - Highlights include:

·         The very rare U.S. twentieth century Photographic Essays.

·         U.S. stamps and postal history with 38 lots of the 1847 issue.

·         British & Foreign including:

         The Richard Maisel British America.

        The William Faissler Australia.

        The Artur Lurbs Collection of India and Postal History. 

·          Persia

·            And 41 lots of Harmers' famous Collections and Various.

 Viewing is available at:

 •The Collectors Club in New York City  - July 30th  10am to 6pm 

   The Collectors Club in New York City  - July 31st   10am to end of auction  

 • By Appointment (call 914.962.6900)


  You are welcome to personally attend the auction, held at the Historic Collectors Club, 22 East 35th Street in New York City 10016 or bid on-line through Stamp Auction Network.

                        The Auction begins at 1pm EST









Current News

Harmers on the Move

     Keith Harmer will be attending various New England Stamp Shows

 - call 914.962.6900 to meet with him.


August West Coast Florida - By Appointment

Brandon Harmer is in Chicago call 212.532.3700 or 312.809.8098

We are always willing to make arrangements to view your collection at your home or work location



We have several other trips penciled in, so feel free to call – we would love to see you.




Recent Events

Consignments are arriving for our Next Auction - call now

                    Mr. Keith Harmer has begun accepting consignments for his next Auction.  Early consignments are particularly encouraged for large or complex collections.  Please contact our offices at 212.532.3700  for more information or to schedule an appointment.   If you are in Europe - contact our London Office at (01144) 020 79893700 we will be happy to assist.  Please note that meetings at our London Office are by appointment only.

Harmer Family News

  Generations of collectors put their trust in the Harmer Family. 

Mauritius Rediscovered by Robert Beech, the Curator of the British Library Philatelic Collections describes the key role the Harmer family played in the famous Post Office Mauritius issue.








       Harmers understands the special bond between a stamp collector and their collection. Selling the material that one is so passionate about is difficult, but once built, the collection often lies seldom appreciated. So many of our clients have been torn by such a dilemma and asked our help in finding a solution.

     The most robust option is a virtual presentation of the collection. This publication is authored in conjunction with a philatelic specialist or a team of specialists depending upon the collection, with documentation of the collection and anecdotal stories and photographs, provided by friends, family or the collector themselves. The Video versions can contain interviews and family video shots.

     This is a wonderful way of keeping the essence of the collections, without the burden of storing and maintaining the actual collection.

     This Now all family members and friends can have a memento of a treasured collection and the collector.

     The stamp collector can have duplicate bound volumes of their collections which can be shown to friends and grandchildren without the fear of damage to the stamps.

     We can offer film, slide-show and book versions of the presentation which can be presented electronically on DVD, CD or placed on our website for the viewing pleasure of collectors world wide.

     The pricing for this service varies based upon the client’s wants and complexity of the collection. The cost much lower than you would think and can be included, or heavily discounted, when Harmers International handles the liquidation of your material.

Please contact us for details.